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Yesiree bob.

2012-04-21 04:02:08 by Necrodeath

I need some good news from the world.

Don't listen to your own stuff a year after uploading it. You'll really realize how much you suck. Or, that you're a one-hit wonder like me. Then again, maybe I just suck. Why don't you listen to DS beat V2.0 and tell me?

Well, hey.

2012-04-17 14:54:53 by Necrodeath

I'm back. Anyone miss me? Course not, you selfish bastards.

Japan has us by them.

2011-12-16 01:31:48 by Necrodeath

Our balls that is.

So, I'm wandering through Newgrounds when I see this commercial for an online game called "Sword Girls". Of course, from what I can tell, it's a virtual TCG that features anime girls... that fight... with swords...
Holy crap, if this becomes popular I swear I'll hang myself. How much more generic anime crap can Japan pump into us? I can't go two pages on the internet without seeing this junk anymore. No offense to people who like this kind of thing, but for the love of God, please Japan, have mercy on us. I don't have anything personal against Anime themed TV shows/TCGs/Comics/Movies/Video games, but there is such a thing as subtle marketing... Y'now, I'm sorry about this miniature rant, but I guess I lost it a little when I saw that South Park homo-anime-image-videos existed on YouTube. That deeply disturbed me for multiple reasons. It's like I can't look up a collection of Kenny's deaths without this kind of thing being recommended to me. I understand that a lot of this stuff is only indirectly created by third parties inside the U.S., but it's still being caused by Japan flooding U.S markets with similar crap. I guess I may be being a little critical seeing as I enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist, but I think watching anime once in a great while is ok. Living and breathing it 24/7 on the other hand is just rediculous.

If you get upset with my opinions here, please, remember that they are just that. OPINIONS.

"Wave Journey" legal dispute.

2011-06-23 12:51:11 by Necrodeath

Y'now that new series of tracks I put out entitled "Wave Journey"? Yeah, well, it turns out that name was already trademarked. "By who?" you ask? By a woman's travel magazine... Betcha didn't see that one coming. I feel freaking gay now. Of course it was handled by Tom Fulp (great guy), but I still can't believe that out of all the companies I could've infringed on, it had to be that.


I was gonna stick a funny little comic here concerning trademark infringement, but apparently I needed "permission to use it".

Go ahead Newgrounds. Persuade me.


2011-06-11 00:22:29 by Necrodeath

Sure, we got Fullmetal Alchemist out of them when they started publishing manga, but god-diggity-damn. How could they attach their names to Sekirei and He Is Our Master? Did someone have a brain failure? You can't put out a decent Final Fantasy game, but soft-core porn? Sure, by the ass-load. Screw you Square. Screw you.

If you haven't seen this, now's the time.

I just read all 107 chapters of Elfin Lied over the period of two days. I think it gave me chronic depression. I mean, I enjoyed it. It was just an awfully depressing story. Any ideas on how to get all this dark shit out of my brain?

Here's the third video. It was tougher to do than the others because the game was so much longer, and there was a lot more to edit.